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Gathern' the Strays|Luke 15:4 community outreach events

 If you you would like to volunteer with Western Days Ministries,  

please click the button below to submit your application. 

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Ministry Opportunities for Western Days Events​


Ways that you can participate:

Prayer: Community prayer meetings will be scheduled soon. If you would like your church to be on the email list to receive notification of these meetings or if you would like to host a meeting at your church, please contact Jacques via email ASAP.

Evangelism: Above all things, Western Days is an outreach ministry designed to present the gospel of Jesus to a lost and dying world and to minister to the needs of the people as the Spirit leads. If this is an area of passion for you, we could use your help throughout the event. Contact Jacques for further information.

Camp Workers: We are looking for several volunteers to help with the Round ‘Em Up bible camp. Specific positions include set up, teachers and camp guides. We will be happy to train you so no need to worry about experience.

Information, Medical & Security: Those looking to minister in this capacity should be comfortable being on their feet and on the go. The primary responsibility will be to provide guests with information as to where to go for Bible camp. We do not anticipate any security or medical issues, however, volunteers should be on the lookout for potential problems and be prepared to assist guests as needed.

Flyers: We are looking for volunteers to put up posters throughout the Adrian area and to help locate areas to put up banners and distribute flyers around the area.

Banners: Banners to advertise your church or business are available for purchase. These will be displayed at various locations throughout the fairgrounds and will be returned to purchasers after the event. This will help to offset the cost of the event and put your name out in front of people during the main event!.

Set Up/Take Down: Perhaps you are more of a hands-on, manual labor type of person. No problem, we have a place for you. We could use committed volunteers to help with the set up and take down.

Donations: Western Days Ministries is a 501C3 corporation under the covering of World Ministry Fellowship. If you would like to make a financial donation to Western Days Ministries to help cover the cost of this year’s outreach events, please visit our Home Page and select "Make a Donation."

Any questions can be directed to Patricia Austin

email: patriciaaustin1984@gmail.com

Again we would like to thank you for sowing your time 

and resources into the Kingdom!

                                                                     God Bless!

If you you would like to volunteer with Western Days Ministries,
please click the button below to submit your application.

Volunteer Application